David Cole

David or Dave Cole may refer to:

* David L. Cole (1902–1978), American labor mediator * David Cole (1928–2003), Welsh journalist, later editor and chairman of the ''Western Mail'' * Dave Cole (baseball) (1930–2011), American baseball player * David Cole (diplomat), British diplomat * David C. Cole (born 1952), entrepreneur and philanthropist * David D. Cole (born 1958), legal scholar and legal director of the ACLU * David N. Cole (active since 1980), American music producer * David Cole (journalist) (born 1968), American Holocaust revisionist and journalist * David Cole (record producer) (1962–1995), American record producer, songwriter, one half of the duo C+C Music Factory * David Cole (footballer) (born 1962), English footballer * David Cole (politician), American politician * David Cole, badminton player that played in 1991 IBF World Championships – Men's singles * Dave Cole (artist) (born 1975), American visual artist * David R. Cole (active since 2004), Australian researcher at the University of Western Sydney Provided by Wikipedia
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