Don Miller

Don Miller or Donald Miller may refer to:

*Don Miller (American football, born 1902) (1902–1979), member of the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame, the backfield of Notre Dame's 1924 football team *Don Miller (American football, born 1932), professional football player for the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles *Don Miller (American football coach) (born c. 1933), head football coach at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut from 1967 to 1998 *Don Miller (singer) (died 2021), American pop singer, founding member of the vocal group The Vogues *Don Miller (Tennessee politician) (born 1956), member of the Tennessee House of Representatives *Don Miller, producer of movies such as ''White Men Can't Jump'' *Don Miller, former president of Penske Racing *Don C. Miller, (born 1923), American engineer and amateur archeologist *Donald Miller (author) (born 1971), Christian author and public speaker *Donald Miller (cricketer) (born 1939), Jamaican cricketer *Donald Miller (guitarist), member of the band Borbetomagus *Donald H. Miller, Jr., one of the founders of ''Scientific American'' magazine *Donald L. Miller (born 1944), American historian *Donald R. Miller (born 1966), member of the New York State Assembly *Donald Miller Jr. (born 1963), American horse racing jockey *Donald E. Miller (born 1946), American theologian *Donald Gene Miller (born 1954), American serial killer Provided by Wikipedia
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