David Nachmansohn

David Nachmansohn (17 March 1899 – 2 November 1983) was a German-Jewish biochemist responsible for elucidating the role of phosphocreatine in energy production in the muscles, and the role of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in nerve stimulation. He is also recognised for his basic research into the biochemistry and mechanism underlying bioelectric phenomena. Provided by Wikipedia
Die Grosse Ära der Wissenschaft in Deutschland 1900 bis 1933 : jüdische und nichtjüdische Pioniere in der Atomphysik, Chemie und Biochemie /
Other Personal Name(s): ...Nachmansohn, David....
German-Jewish Pioneers in Science 1900–1933 [E-Book] : Highlights in Atomic Physics, Chemistry, and Biochemistry /