Annual review of materials science. 16.

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Huggins, R. A., (editor)
Palo-Alto, CA : Annual Reviews, 1986.
VIII, 573 S.
Annual review of materials science ; 16.
ion selective electrodes
surface second harmonic generation: a new technique for surface studies
studies of dynamic properties of solids using neutron scattering
application of impedance spectroscopy to materials science
computer modeling of mass transport along surfaces
computer simulation studies of transport in solids
plasma surface interactions in plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
materials modification and synthesis under high pressure shock compression
preparation of ultrasmooth surfaces
mechanical properties of composition- modulated metallic foils
crack stability and toughness characteristics in brittle materials
oxynitride glasses
composite electroceramics
low- dimensional chalcogenides as secondary cathodic materials
electrochromic materials
recent advances in nonlinear optical and electrooptical materials
polymer electrolytes
physical and chemical behavior of welding fluxes
rare earth iron boron materials: a new era in permanent magnets

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