Annual review of materials science. 17.

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Huggins, R. A., (editor)
Palo-Alto, CA : Annual Reviews, 1987.
VIII, 394 S.
Annual review of materials science ; 17.
microscopy of bulk- grown III-V semiconductor materials
development of high quality indium phosphide single crystals
crucible- free methods of growing oxide crystals from the melt
synthesis of diamond under metastable conditions
science and engineering of large diameter Czochralski
transport and chemical gradients of multicomponent oxides
interdiffusion in amorphous multilayered materials
strentgh and toughness of ceramic matrix composites
grain boundaries in polycrystalline ceramics
heavy- electron metals
high strength concrete
organic thin films for semiconductor wafer diagnostics
polymer materials for microlithography
metal oxide varistors
ceramic substrates for microelectronic packaging

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