Spectroscopy of solids containing rare earth ions.

Saved in:
Kaplyanskii, A. A., (editor)
Amsterdam : North Holland, 1987.
XII, 754 S.
Modern problems in condensed matter sciences ; vol 0021.
spectroscopy of activated crystals (containing rare earth ions)
crystal field and electron phonon interaction in rare earth ionic paramagnets
coherent transient and hole burning spectroscopy or rare earth ions in solids
experimental studies of energy transfer in rare earth ions in crystals
energy transfer in crystals
spectral migration of excitations in rare earth activated glasses
spectroscopy of collective states and cooperative transitions in disordered rare earth activated solids
ion-ion interactions and exciton effects in rare earth insulators
spectroscopic studies of Jahn Teller phase transitions in rare earth crystals
studies of spin systems by light scattering in paramagnetic crystals
ESR in the excited states of rare earth ions in crystals
optical detection of spin system magnetization in rare earth activated crystals and glasses

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