Electron microscopy in solid state physics.

Electron microscopy in materials science and solid state physics: fundamentals, techniques, imaging, applications, preparation techniques

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Bethge, Heinz, (editor)
Amsterdam : Elsevier, 1987.
596 S.
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Materials science monographs ; 40.
fundamentals and techniques of electron microscopy
conventional electron microscopy: fundamentals of electron optics and instrumentation
conventional electron microscopy: image formation
electron diffraction: fundamentals and application
scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
imaging in electron microscopy
indirect imaging of surfaces by replica and decoration techniques
direct imaging of surfaces: emission electron microscopy, reflection electron microscopy, mirror electron microscopy
analytical electron microscopy: combined imaging, diffraction and spectroscopical methods
image processing in electron microscopy
lattice defect imaging by diffraction contrast
application of electron microscopy in materials science
fundamental processes of plastic deformation
microprocesses of fracture
fractography, failure analysis with scanning electron microscopy
applications of electron microscopy in solid state physics
morphology of polymers
defects in semiconductors and devices
molecular processes in crystal growth
growth and structure of thin films
dislocation arrangements in grain boundaries and interphase boundaries
domain structure of ferromagnetic and ferroelectric solids
theory of diffraction contrast in the electron microscope for lattice defect imaging and its computer simulation
survey of preparation techniques in transmission electron microscopy

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