Vibrational spectroscopy of molecules on surfaces / edited by John T. Yates, Jr. ...

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Yates, John T., ( Herausgeber)
New-York, NY : Plenum Pr., 1987
XVI, 468 Seiten
Methods of surface characterization ; 1
normal modes at surfaces (vibrational spectroscopy)
excitation mechanism in vibrational spectroscopy of molecules on surfaces
infrared spectroscopy of high area catalytic surfaces
inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy
incoherent inelastic neutron scattering: vibrational spectroscopy of adsorbed molecules on surfaces
electron energy loss spectroscopy
reflection absorption infrared spectroscopy
Raman spectroscopy (surface vibrational spectroscopy)
infrared spectroscopy of adsorbates on metals: direct absorption and emission

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