Applications of multiquantum wells, selective doping, and superlattices.

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Dingle, R., (editor)
San-Diego, CA : Academic Pr., 1987.
XI, 511 S.
Semiconductors and semimetals ; 24.
fundamental properties of III-V semiconductor two- dimensional quantized structures: the basis for optical and electronic device applications
factors affecting the performance of AlGaAs/GaAs and AlGaAs/InGaAs modulation doped field effect transistors: microwave and digital applications
two- dimensional electron gas FETs: microwave applications
ultrahigh speed HEMT integrated circuits
nonlinear optical properties of multiple quantum well structures for optical signal processing
graded- gap and superlattice devices by bandgap engineering
quantum confinement heterostructure semiconductor lasers
principles and applications of semiconductor strained layer superlattices

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