Surface and near surface chemistry of oxide materials.

Saved in:
Nowotny, J., (editor)
Amsterdam : Elsevier, 1988.
XVII, 713 S.
Materials science monographs ; vol 0047.
the theory of oxide ceramic surfaces
electronic and geometric structure of defects on oxides and their role in chemisorption
selected experimental methods in the characterization of oxide surfaces
surface reactivity of oxide materials in oxidation reduction environment
metal oxide overlayers and oxygen induced chemical reactivity studied by photoelectron spectroscopy
surface segregation in metal oxides
work function of oxide ceramic materials
photoeffects in metal oxide powders
the role of the surface on bulk physical properties of glasses
segregation in oxide surfaces: solid electrolytes and mixed conductors
grain size and grain boundary effects in passive electronic components (titanate ceramics)
reactions at phase boundaries during metal/ceramic bonding
oxide surfaces in solution
metals on oxides: formation, characterization and properties
electronic structure and transport properties of interfaces in metal oxides
high T(c) oxide superconductors: possible effect of interfaces

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