Atomic and molecular beam methods vol 0001.

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Scoles, G., (editor)
New-York, NY : Oxford University Pr., 1988.
XXIII, 721 S.
Atomic and molecular beam methods ; vol 0001.
basic techniques in molecular beam experiments
molecular beam sources: free jet sources, low energy pulsed beam sources, high energy beam sources
detection of molecular beams: detection principles, ionization detectors, spectroscopic detection methods, accommodation and accumulation methods
molecular beam state selection: nonoptical methods, optical methods
molecular beam velocity selection: mechanical methods, time of flight methods
molecular beams of clusters
molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)
molecular beams in high energy physics: beam targets
molecular beam scattering: general principles and methods
elastic molecular beam scattering: integral cross sections, differential cross sections
inelastic molecular beam scattering: energy loss methods, optical methods
reactive molecular beam scattering: nonoptical methods, optical methods
molecular beam scattering with state selectors
molecular beam scattering with laser excited atomic beams
scattering experiments with spin polarized molecular beams

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