Time resolved spectroscopy.

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Clark, R. J., (editor)
Chichester : Wiley, 1989.
XXI, 406 S.
Advances in spectroscopy ; 18.
picosecond transient thermal phase grating spectroscopy: applications to the study of nonradiative energy relaxation
resonance rotational raman and hyper raman scattering: a probe of subpicosecond dynamics
subpicosecond vibrational dephasing measured by coherent raman scattering and libration relaxation by degenerate four wave mixing using temporally incoherent light
time resolved resonance raman spectroscopy of chemical reaction intermediates in solution
time resolved fourier transform spectroscopy
picosecond coherent raman spectroscopy of excited electronic states of multiatomic molecules in solutions
vibrational spectroscopy of transient states in photosynthetic bacterial reaction centers
picosecond and subpicosecond vibrational spectroscopy of hemeproteins
new advances in femtosecond spectroscopy

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