Optical techniques to characterize polymer systems.

Saved in:
Baessler, H., (editor)
Amsterdam : Elsevier, 1989.
X, 609 S.
Studies in polymer science ; vol 0005.
FTIR spectroscopy of polymers
studies by FTIR spectroscopy of molecular orientation in monomolecular layers of polymers on solid substrates
glass dynamics probed by motional line narrowing of reactions in polymers via absorption spectroscopy of photochromism
photoelectron spectroscopy of polymers
site- selective fluorescence spectroscopy of polymers
triplet state spectroscopy of polymers
polymers in solids: structure and interactions measured by electronic excitation transport
nonlinear optical spectroscopy of polymers
resonance Raman spectroscopy of conjugated polymers
Brillouin spectroscopy and its application to polymers
photon correlation spectroscopy of amorphous bulk polymers and compatible polymer blends
synchrotron radiation X-ray scattering

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