Morphological analysis.

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Beddow, J. K., (editor)
Boca-Raton, FL : CRC Pr., 1984.
265 S.
CRC series on fine particle science and technology.
Uniscience series on fine particle science and technology.
Particle characterization in technology ; vol 0002.
theory of morphological particle analysis
particle shape characterization from packing density
a particle image analyzing system
fast Fourier transform
computer language for particle shape analysis
color as a morphic feature in particle characterization
Fourier particle shape analysis: a pattern recognition approach
smoothing a digitized particle profile
particle shape prediction using prototypes and membership interpolation
morphological particle analysis using unknown samples
recent applications of morphological particle analysis
particle morphology and abrasive wear
relationships between particle morphology and production processes
the effects of particle morphology on batch sieving behavior of fine powders
the effect of shape on particle solids flow
relationship of bulk properties to particle morphology of selected grains
application of particle morphological analysis in kinetic modeling

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