Science of ceramic interfaces.

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Nowotny, J., (editor)
Amsterdam : Elsevier, 1991.
XX, 612 S.
Materials science monographs ; vol 0075.
selected problems on segregation in solids
dopant surface segregation in oxides
interface defect chemistry and its impact on properties of oxide ceramic materials
long range space charge effects at ceramic interfaces
segregation in oxygen- ion conducting solid electrolytes and its influence on electrical properties
the role of interfaces in sintering: an experimental perspective
interface transport kinetics in ceramics
effects of interfaces on properties of high temperature superconducting cuprates
ceramic/metal interfaces
crystallographic and electronic structure of metal/ceramic interfaces
nuclear methods in studies of ceramic surfaces and interfaces
effects of interface reactions in low temperature oxidation
effect of grain boundaries on the heterogeneous kinetics in silicon base ceramics
synthesis, microstructure and properties of porous and dense ceramic membranes
surface reactions and dissolution of ceramics and high temperature superconductors

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