Integral methods for the calculation of electric fields: for application in high voltage engineering / Z. Andjelic, B. Krstajic, S. Milojkovic, A. Blaszczyk, H. Steinbigler, M. Wohlmuth

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Andjelic, Z., (Verfasser)
Krstajic, B., (Verfasser) / Milojkovic, S., (Verfasser) / Blaszczyk, A., (Verfasser) / Steinbigler, H., (Verfasser) / Wohlmuth, M., (Verfasser)
Jülich : Forschungszentrum, Zentralbibliothek, 1992
I, 79 Seiten
German-Yugoslav cooperation in scientific research and technological development
Scientific series of the International Bureau ; 10
electric field : calculation
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