Dictionary of inorganic compounds vol 0005 : Element index.

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MacIntyre, J. E., (editor)
London : Chapman and Hall, 1992.
779 S.
how to locate a compound:
always look in the indexes first, because several compounds may be grouped into a single entry
the dictionary has four indexes:
the index of commonly occuring structural types groups together non-molecular compounds according to simple structural types such as sodium chloride structure, perovskite structure, etc.
the name index lists all names and synonyms in alphabetical order
the CAS registry number index lists all registry numbers in ascending numerical order
the element index groups together all compounds of a given element. It is divided into sections for each element in alphabetical order of element symbol, and within each section all the compounds containing that element are listed in formula order.
Dictionary of inorganic compounds ; vol 0005.

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