International tables for crystallography. B. Reciprocal space.

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Shmueli, U., (editor)
Dordrecht : Kluwer Academic Publ., 1993.
XXIII, 506 S.
International tables for crystallography ; B.
the reciprocal space: general relationships and techniques
reciprocal space in crystallography
the structure factor
Fourier transforms in crystallography: mathematical theory, algorithms in numerical computation of discrete Fourier transform, crystallographic applications of Fourier transforms
symmetry in reciprocal space
trigonometric structure factors
three- dimensional space groups in reciprocal space
reciprocal space in crystal structure determination
statistical properties of the weighted reciprocal lattice
direct methods
Patterson and molecular replacement techniques
isomorphous replacement and anomalous scattering
electron diffraction and electron microscopy in structure determination
dual bases in crystallographic computing
distances, angles, and their standard deviations
the least squares plane
molecular modeling and graphics
accelerated convergence treatment of reciprocal lattice sums
diffuse scattering and related topics
thermal diffuse scattering of x-rays and neutrons
disorder diffuse scattering of x-rays and neutrons
diffuse scattering in electron diffraction
scattering from mesomorphic structures
dynamical diffraction theory and its applications
dynamical theory of x-ray diffraction
dynamical theory of electron diffraction

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