International tables for crystallography. A. Space group symmetry.

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Hahn, T., (editor)
4., rev. ed.
Dordrecht : Kluwer Academic Publ., 1995.
XVI, 878 S.
International tables for crystallography ; A.
Tables for plane groups and space groups
symbols and terms
guide to the use of the space group tables
space group determination and diffraction symbols
synoptic tables of space group symbols, group/subgroup relations
transformations in crystallography
the 17 plane groups (two- dimensional space groups)
the 230 space groups
Symmetry in crystallography
introduction to space group symmetry
crystal lattices
point groups and crystal classes
symmetry operations
space group symbols and their use
isomorphic subgroups of space groups
lattice complexes
Euclidean and affine normalizers of space groups and their use in crystallography

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