Electron paramagnetic resonance in compounds of transition elements / [by] S. A. Altshuler and B. M. Kozyrev. Translated from Russian by A. Barouch. Translation edited by P. Greenberg.

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Al'tshuler, S. A.
Kozyrev, B. M.
2d, rev. ed.
New York : Wiley, 1974.
xii, 589 p.
Translation of Elektronnyi paramagnitnyi rezonans soedinenii elementov promezhutochnykh grupp
"A Halsted Press book."
ionic crystal : esr : spin spin interaction : spin phonon interaction : acoustic nmr
esr : glass : transition metal compound : rare earth compound
lande factor : data tabulation
lande factor : transition metal compound : rare earth compound
spin lattice relaxation : data tabulation
spin lattice relaxation,data tabulation : trasition metal : rare earth

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