Physical methods in chemistry / Russell S. Drago.

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Drago, Russell S.
Philadelphia : Saunders, 1977.
xvi, 660 p.
Published in 1965 under title: Physical methods in inorganic chemistry
Saunders golden sunburst series.
symmetry and the point groups
group theory and the character tables
molecular orbital theory and its symmetry aspects
general introduction to spectroscopy
electronic absorption spectroscopy
vibration and rotation spectroscopy: infrared, raman and microwave
nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) spectroscopy: elementary aspects and applications
electron paramagnetic resonance (esr) spectroscopy
the electronic structure and spectra of transition metal ions: crystal fields, bonding parameters
nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) spectra of paramegntic transition metal ion complexes
electron paramagnetic resonance (esr) spectra of transition metal ion complexes
nuclear quadrupole resonance (nqr) spectroscopy
moessbauer spectroscopy
ionization methods: mass spectroscopy, ion cyclotron resonance, photoelectron spectroscopy
x-ray crystallography

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