Physikalisch-chemische Kristallographie.

Physicochemical crystallography: thermodynamics of solids and solid state reactions

Saved in:
Meyer, Klaus.
Leipzig : Deutscher Verlag für Grundstoffindustrie, 1968.
337 p.
Based on lectures delivered at the Institut für Mineralogie of the University of Berlin
structural principles of crystals
thermal properties of crystals
caloric properties of crystals
quantum mechanical calculation of crystal energy
lattice energy of crystals
the second law of thermodynamics
calorimetric determination of equations of state
the third law of thermodynamics
phase equilibria in solids
structural and thermodynamic characterization of solid phases
structure of real crystals
diffusion in crystals
thermodynamics of interfaces in solids
crystal growth
structure and properties of crystal surfaces
solid state reactions
mechanically activated solid state reactions (tribophysics and tribochemistry)