Handbook of psychology [E-Book] / Editor-in-Chief: Irving B. Weiner
Weiner, Irving B., ( Hrsg.)
New York, NY : Wiley, 2005
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Orchestrated under the auspices of Editor-in-Chief, Irving B. Weiner, PhD, ABPP, this invaluable reference covers every aspect of the ever-burgeoning discipline of psychology. Leading national and international scholars have collaborated under the guidance of recognized expert editors to produce this handbook, which includes chapters covering virtually every core, as well as contemporary topic in the subject area, from the established theories to the most modern research and developments. Psychology at the beginning of the twenty-first century has become a highly diverse field that combines scientific study and applied technology. Typically regarded as the science of behavior, the American Psychological Association has formally designated 2000 to 2010 as the "Decade of Behavior." As the first of its kind, the Handbook of Psychology has been designed to meet the needs of this active decade of research, teaching, study, and practice.