Molecular adhesion and its applications : The Sticky Universe [E-Book] / by Kevin Kendall.
Kendall, Kevin, (author)
Boston, MA : Springer, 2001
XXI, 429 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • Introductio to Molecular Adhesion and Fracture: The Adhesion Paradox
  • Phenomenology of Adhesion: Fracture Stranger than Friction
  • Theories and Laws of Molecular Adhesion: All Molecules Adhere
  • Evidence for the First Law of Adhesion: Surface Leap into Contact
  • Intermolecular Forces: The New Geometry of Computer Modeling
  • Evidence for the Second Law of Adhesion: Contamination Reduces Adhesion
  • Influence of the Adhesion and Fracture Mechanism: The Third Law
  • More Intricate Mechanisms: Raising and Lowering Adhesion
  • Adhesion of Particles: Deformation, Friction, and Sintering
  • Adhesion of Colloids: Dispersion, Aggregation, and Flocculation
  • Pastes and Gels: Effects of Adhesion on Structure and Behavior
  • Adhesion of Biological Cells: The Nature of Slime
  • Nano-adhesion: Joining Materials for Electronic Applications
  • Films and Layers: Adhesion of Coatings
  • Fracture and Toughness of Engineering Adhesive Joints
  • Composite Materilas: Held Together by Adhesion at Interfaces
  • The Future of Molecular Adhesion.