Nonlinear Dielectric Phenomena in Complex Liquids [E-Book] / edited by Sylwester J. Rzoska, Vitaly Zhelezny.
Rzoska, Sylwester J., (editor)
Zhelezny, Vitaly, (editor)
1st edition 2005.
Dordrecht : Springer, 2005
XVI, 392 pages (online resource)
NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry ; 157
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Table of Contents:
  • Basics for nonlinear dielectric and related studies in liquids
  • Anomalous Expressions for The Nonlinear Harmonic Components of the Electric Polarization
  • Theory of Anomalous Dielectric Relaxation
  • Rotational Brownian Motion and Nonlinear Dielectric Relaxation of Asymmetric Top Molecules in Strong Electric Fields: The Langevin Equation Approach
  • Experimental Solutions for Nonlinear Dielectric Studies in Complex Liquids
  • Comments on Nonlinear Dielectric Effect Measurements in Liquids
  • Effect of Constraints on Electrostriction
  • Douglas Kell Comments on 'Methodology' During the Workshop
  • A New Technique of Dielectric Characterization of Liquids
  • Nonlinear Dielectric Losses and Dynamics of Intrinsic Conductivity of Dielectrics
  • Nonlinear dielectric and related problems in critical liquids
  • Dielectric Properties of Critical Conducting Mixtures
  • Nonlinear Dielectric Effect Behavior in a Critical and Near-Critical Binary Mixture
  • Electric Field Effects Near Critical Points
  • Critical Phenomena in Confined Binary Liquid Mixtures
  • Model of The Critical Behavior of Real Systems
  • The Methods of Prediction of the Properties for Substances on the Coexistence Curve Including Vicinity of the Critical Point
  • Phase Equilibrium in Complex Liquids under Negative Pressure
  • New Approaches to the Investigation of the Matastable and Reacting Fluids
  • Nonlinear dielectric results for liquid crystalline materials
  • The Discontinuity of the Isotropic - Masophase Transition in N-Cyanobiphenyls Homologous Series from 4CB to 14CB. Nonlinear Dielectric Effect (NDE) Studies
  • Influence of Pressure on the Dielectric Properties of Liquid Crystals
  • Frequency-Domain Nonlinear Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy
  • Phase Behavior of Perturbed Liquid Crystals
  • Edge Dislocations in Smectic-A Liquid Crystals
  • Nonlinear dielectric and related studies for supercooled/superpressed and polymeric liquids
  • A Schematic Description of the Dynamics of Glass Transition by the Coupling Model
  • Transient Grating Experiments in Supercooled Liquids
  • Medium-Range Ordering in Liquids Appearing in Nonlinear Dielectric Effect Studies
  • The Cooperative Molecular Dynamics and Nonlinear Phenomena
  • Annihilation Response of the Ortho - Positronium Probe from Positron Annihilation Lifeteme Spectroscopy and Its Relationships to the Free Volume and Dynamics of Glass - Forming Systems
  • Influence of Molecular Structure on Dynamics of Secondary Relaxation in Phthalates
  • Electrostriction and Crystalline Phase Transformations in a Vinylidene Flouride Terpolymer
  • Nonlinear dielectric studies for biologically and environment relevant materials
  • Self-Assembly and the Associated Dynamics in PBLG-PEG-PBLG Triblock Copolymers
  • Nonlinear Dielectric Spectroscopy of Biological Systems: Principles ans Applications
  • Measurement Method of Electric Birefringence Spectrum in Frequency Domain
  • Melting/Freezing in Narrow Pores; Dielectric and EPR Studies
  • Electrodilatometry of Liquids, Binary Liquids, and Surfactants
  • Influence of Strong Electric Field on Dielectric Permittivity of Polycrystalline Ice Doped by Small Amounts of NAOH
  • Host?Guest Interaction in ACF: EPR Study.