Encyclopedia of the World's Coastal Landforms [E-Book] / edited by Eric C. F. Bird.
Bird, Eric C. F.
Dordrecht : Springer Science+Business Media B.V., 2010.
online resource
Geography ; Physical Geography ; Oceanography ; Environment ; Meteorology and Climatology ; Geology ; Landscape Ecology
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The Encyclopedia of the World’s Coastal Landforms is a uniquely rich account of the landforms and geology of the world’s coasts. It provides detailed information of the features of numerous sectors of coast across the globe as well as explanations on their landforms, their evolution, and the changes occurring on them. In addition, the coastal sectors are presented in a country-by-country, or state-by-state, sequence, which makes it as easy to study the details of one particular coast as it does to compare and contrast the details of various coasts in various regions across the world. With an increasing number of our coasts in serious danger due to a rise in population and an increase in development, this reference, the only one of its kind, is as necessary as it is exhaustive. It contains more than 1440 incredible photographs and illustrations, and it even includes references to the current literature on coastal evolution and coastline changes. It is an ideal resource for anyone researching or just visiting any coast anywhere in the world.