Encyclopedia of Agrophysics [E-Book] / edited by Jan Gliński, Józef Horabik, Jerzy Lipiec.
Gliński, Jan.
Horabik, Józef. / Lipiec, Jerzy.
Dordrecht : Springer Science+Business Media B.V., 2011.
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Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series
Life Sciences ; Agriculture ; Soil Science and Conservation ; Biogeosciences ; Geography
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This Encyclopedia of Agrophysics will provide up-to-date information on the physical properties and processes affecting the quality of the environment and plant production. In a single authoritative volume a collection of about 250 informative articles and ca 400 glossary terms covering all aspects of agrophysics will be presented. The authors will be renowned specialists in various aspects in agrophysics from a wide variety of countries. Agrophysics is important both for research and practical use not only in agriculture, but also in areas like environmental science, land reclamation, food processing etc. Agrophysics is a relatively new interdisciplinary field closely related to Agrochemistry, Agrobiology, Agroclimatology and Agroecology. Nowadays it has been fully accepted as an agricultural and environmental discipline. As such this Encyclopedia volume will be an indispensable working tool for scientists and practitioners from different disciplines, like agriculture, soil science, geosciences, environmental science, geography, and engineering.