Cancer & nutrition : [E-Book] prevention and treatment / eds.: Joel Mason.
Mason, Joel.
Basel : Karger, 2000
Online-Ressource XVI + 300 S.
Nestle nutrition workshop series / Clinical & performance program ; 4
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Estimates suggest that approximately 35% of cancers are a consequence of suboptimal diet. In this publication, epidemiologists, basic scientists and clinicians review both the epidemiology and mechanistic aspects of nutrition in the prevention of lung, breast, colorectal and prostate cancer. Moreover, an update on the status of the European EPIC study is given. Protein-calorie malnutrition of a clinically significant degree is common among cancer patients and contributes significantly to both morbidity and mortality: Besides causing death solely from progressive cachexia, malnutrition leads to diminished cardiac performance, an increased susceptibility to infection and a diminished response to chemotherapy. Reversing, or even attenuating, this cachexia is an extremely problematic issue. Topics covered here include mechanisms by which malnutrition evolves in cancer patients, animal models of cancer wasting, controversial nutritional interventions in cancer patients and nutritional support in pediatric patients and bone marrow transplantation.It has become clear that 'nutritional oncology' must be regarded as a part of oncology and that it should be integrated with genetics and molecular biology in the care of the cancer patient. This book will appeal to a wide spectrum of professionals concerned with the prevention and treatment of cancer, especially clinical and basic researchers and clinicians.