Development of the pancreas and neonatal diabetes : [E-Book] 1st ESPE Advanced Seminar in Developmental Endocrinology, Paris, May 2007 ; a comprehensive analysis of the most recent findings : R. Scharfmann / vol. ed..
Scharfmann, Raphael.
Basel : Karger, 2007
Online-Ressource VIII + 142 S.
Endocrine development ; 12
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It is now clear that abnormal pancreas development can give rise to specific forms of diabetes. Thus, the study of human and animal pancreatic developmental biology, one of the main focuses of the current volume of 'Endocrine Development', is crucial also in order to define new treatments for diabetes based on cell therapy or regenerative medicine.This publication presents in vivo and in vitro techniques to investigate pancreas development and islet cell function. Besides, a series of reviews are included dealing with genetics. Amongst others, the transcription factors in pancreatic development are observed, and the distinct roles of HNF1beta, HNF1alpha, and HNF4alpha in regulating pancreas development, beta-cell function and growth are studied in detail. A further point under discussion is genomic imprinting and its impact on the pancreas. Special emphasis is placed on the investigation, management and treatment of neonatal diabetes.This collection written by outstanding scientists and clinicians is a valuable reference for endocrinologists, geneticists and pancreatic developmental scientists alike.