Gene therapy of cochlear deafness : [E-Book] present concepts and future aspects ; a review of recent findings / vol. ed.: Allen F. Ryan.
Ryan, Allen F..
Basel : Karger, 2009
Online-Ressource VI + 120 S.
Advances in oto-rhino-laryngology ; 66
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Gene therapy holds great potential for the treatment not only of genetic disorders, but also of many acquired diseases. This is as true for the inner ear as for any other organ. However, the technical challenges that must be overcome before gene therapy becomes more widely used are remarkable. In the inner ear the size, accessibility, delicacy and the involvement of many different cell types present unique conditions. This volume reviews current concepts and recent research findings of the application of gene therapy to the inner ear. Various forms of gene therapy, disorders that are potential targets for gene therapy, techniques for gene delivery, and mechanisms of gene targeting, and also obstacles that have yet to be overcome are discussed. This volume will be indispensable reading for otolaryngologists, hearing scientists, audiologists with a special interest in keeping up-to-date on gene therapy for inner ear disorders.