Mental disorders in the elderly : [E-Book] new therapeutic approaches. - Rome, April 1997 / vol. ed.: N. Brunello.
Brunello, Nicoletta.
Basel : Karger, 1998
Online-Ressource VI + 192 S.
International Academy for Biomedical and Drug Research: International Academy for Biomedical and Drug Research ; 13
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This publication brings together leading scientists from the fields of neuropsycho-pharmacology, psychiatry, neurology and general medicine to discuss recent progress in the treatment of mental disorders in the aged patient. Emphasis is placed on the problem of the psychopharmacological treatment of older adults since several factors can complicate the management of aged patients, including increased medical comorbidity and polypharmacy, well-established pharmacokinetic differences and poorly characterized pharmacodynamic changes. Topics of special interest to clinicians include identification and treatment of cognitive and non-cognitive disturbances in demented geriatric patients. The findings in this book are also useful as a guide in the management of psychiatric disorders in patients where somatic and neurological diseases are frequently comorbid.As a comprehensive review of current research, this volume will be of particular interest to clinicians and scientists working in the fields of psychiatry, neurology, cardiology, geriatrics, and clinical and preclinical pharmacology. It can also be recommended to regulatory authorities as well as medical and marketing representatives in the pharmaceutical industry.