Nutrition and fitness: diet, genes, physical activity and health : [E-Book] 4th International Conference on Nutrition and Fitness, Athens, May 2000 ; an integrated approach to chronic disease / vol. eds.: Artemis P. Simopoulos.
Simopoulos, Artemis P..
Basel : Karger, 2001
Online-Ressource XXIV + 192 S.
World review of nutrition and dietetics ; 89
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This is the first of two volumes containing the proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Nutrition and Fitness. It presents the latest data on the interrelationships of genes, nutrients and physical activity as they influence the phenotype throughout development.The human genome was shaped by the environment, especially diet and physical activity: The phenotype is thus the result of continuous gene-environment interactions. However, new data indicate that the environment has changed enormously, especially during the last 100 years, so that it is no longer in harmony with the human genome. A new discipline is evolving, called Nutrigenetics, which combines concepts and methods from genetics and nutritional sciences, and the term refers to individual variability in response to diet. The papers presented make it abundantly clear that we must make a conscious effort to develop in all dimensions the environment (particularly diet and physical activity) in which the human genome finds its optimal expression. This approach of individualized environmental modification is called Euphenics, and it must evolve simultaneously with Genomics and the use of genotypic analyses to enhance the quality of medical care for the individual. The euphenic approach is essential for the prevention and management of chronic disease.These proceedings will be of interest to geneticists, nutritionists and dietitians, exercise physiologists, anthropologists, psychologists and psychiatrists, pediatricians, internists, general practitioners, health care providers, scientists in government and industry, policymakers, and governmental organizations.