Pediatric nutrition : [E-Book] nourishing children options and consequences / vol. ed.: R. Reife
Reifen, Ram M..
Basel : Karger, 1998
Online-Ressource VIII + 262 S.
Pediatric and adolescent medicine ; 8
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As nutrition can be one of the most significant factors influencing physiological processes in health and disease, it is very important what we are fed during childhood and eat through adolescence, as this will influence our health in later years.This book covers such topics as the clinical and therapeutic potential of the interaction between immunological dysfunction and malnutrition. The nutritional problems arising in specific diseases such as cystic fibrosis, inflammatory bowel disease, short bowel syndrome are all discussed. A broad updated review of the new fuels to the gut and the possible role of nucleotides in infant formulae are presented, as well as the attitudes towards hyperlipidemia and osteoporosis. Nutritional support of the critically ill patient and the nutritional aspects of obesity including the possible role leptin plays are also covered. Written by leading experts in nutrition this book provides an update on different issues and brings together the best results now available and looks ahead to the practical and clinical application of nutrition in the future.