Psychoneuroimmunology : [E-Book] hypotheses and current research ; 6th Expert Meeting on Psychoimmunology, Innsbruck, January 2000 ; from basic neuroimmunology to immunological dysfunctions in psychiatric disorders / vol. ed.: B. Sperner-Unterweger.
Sperner-Unterweger, Barbara.
Basel : Karger, 2001
Online-Ressource VIII + 140 S.
Advances in biological psychiatry ; 20
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This publication offers cutting-edge information about basic neurochemical and neuroimmunological research as well as clinical studies of immunological disarrangements and immunological dysfunctions in psychiatric disorders. The first part deals with psychoimmunological hypotheses and findings concerning mechanisms of underlying immunomodulation. The second part describes immunological characteristics of schizophrenia, depression and Alzheimer s disease. Furthermore, the clinical section presents novel considerations for immunological treatment strategies based on the reported immune patterns of some psychiatric disorders.Psychiatrists and immunologists in the clinic, and researchers in basic sciences will also find this book essential reading. Likewise, it will be relevant to graduate and undergraduate students with a special interest in the neurobiology of psychiatric disorder