The radiation therapy of benign diseases : [E-Book] current indications and techniques ; 33rd San Francisco Cancer Symposium, San Francisco, Calif., April 1999 / vol. ed.: J. L. Meyer.
Meyer, John L..
Basel : Karger, 2001
Online-Ressource XII + 222 S.
Frontiers of radiation therapy and oncology ; 35
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This volume discusses radiotherapy and its role in the treatment of benign diseases. Its intent is to broaden the application of radiotherapy beyond malignancy to treat a range of clinical concerns, from minor skin problems to life-threatening arterial disease. In addition, it aims to encourage medical practitioners to consider the benefits versus the risks of radiotherapy, and assess the most modern technology for uses that may benefit the greatest number of patients.The major challenge in this field is to develop new strategies for the controlled use of radiotherapy. This includes the ability to focus and control applications with equipment that can target tissues with high accuracy, using new methods of isotopic and external beam introduction. It also means minimizing the risk of uncontrolled radiation exposure by employing minimal doses and the smallest tissue volume required to achieve the desired effect.The Radiation Therapy of Benign Diseases features articles written by internationally recognized experts who confront and critically discuss these major issues. It will prove to be an essential and informative read not only for radiation therapists but also for internists, surgeons, ophthalmologists and biologists interested in this endeavor.