Rational pharmacotherapy of the inner ear : [E-Book] from basic research to clinics ; 2nd International Symposium on the Pharmacology of the Inner Ear, Muünchen / Wildbad Kreuth, October 2000; provides present and future pharmacotherapeutic strategies of inner ear diseases / vol. ed.: D. Felix.
Felix, Dominik.
Basel : Karger, 2002
Online-Ressource X + 168 S.
Advances in oto-rhino-laryngology ; 59
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Rational pharmacotherapy of the inner ear will become an important issue in treatment of inner ear diseases today and in the future. The contributions of some of the experts in the field are gathered in the present volume dedicated to all aspects of the pharmacology and the possible local and systemic treatment of inner ear diseases. Major topics include new aspects of human inner ear anatomy, neurotransmission, ion channels, vascular system, immunology, excitotoxicity, modulation of cell cycle, regeneration and differentiation, as well as new aspects of basic mechanisms at the cellular and molecular levels. A major feature of this volume is that it brings together both basic researchers and physicians to evaluate new experimental therapies and discuss future clinical strategies in the treatment of cochleo-vestibular disorders. Therefore, it will prove interesting to both scientists and clinicians in sensory physiology and auditory systems.