The Sequential separation of strontium-90, yttrium-90, promethium-147, and cerium-144 from urine and their subsequent estimation / by G.H. Kramer and J.M. Davies.

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Kramer, G. H.
Davies, J. M.
Chalk River, Ont. : Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories, 1981.
16 p.
Includes abstract in French
Added title on cover: Extraction sequentielle du strontium 90, de l' yttrium 90, du promethium 147 et du cerium 144 de l' urine et leur estimation subsequente
At head of title: Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
"Presented at the 26th Annual Bioassay, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Conference, Ottawa, Ontario, 1980 October 14-15."
radioisotope separation : solvent extraction : urine : sr-090 : y-090 : ce-144 : pm-147
liquid scintillation counting : radioisotope : sr-090 : y-090 : ce-144 : pm-147

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