Web Information Systems and Mining [E-Book]: International Conference, WISM 2012, Chengdu, China, October 26-28, 2012. Proceedings / edited by Fu Lee Wang, Jingsheng Lei, Zhiguo Gong, Xiangfeng Luo.
Gong, Zhiguo.
Lei, Jingsheng. / Luo, Xiangfeng. / Wang, Fu Lee.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : 2012
Imprint: Springer,
XVIII, 718 p. 271 illus. digital.
Lecture notes in computer science ; 7529
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Table of Contents:
  • Study on the Design of Automatic Cotton Bale Inspecting Management System
  • The Smallest Randi´c Index for Trees
  • Design of Meridian and Acupoints Compatibility Analysis System
  • Invariant Subspaces for Operators with Thick Spectra
  • Voronoi Feature Selection Model Considering Variable-Scale Map’s Balance and Legibility
  • A Code Dissemination Protocol of Low Energy Consumption
  • Dynamic Spectrum Analysis of High-Speed Train Passenger Compartment Luggage Rack Noise
  • Port-Based Composable Modeling and Simulation for Safety Critical System Testbed
  • Risk Assessment Method of Radio Block Center in Fuzzy Uncertain Environment
  • Learning Research in Knowledge Transfer
  • A Post-filtering Technique for Enhancing Acoustic Echo Cancelation System
  • Packet Dropping Schemes and Quality Evaluation for H.264 Videos at High Packet Loss Rates
  • A Blocked Statistics Method Based on Directional Derivative
  • Study on Cooperative Game Model of Talent Training through School-Enterprise Coalition
  • Research on Internet Public Opinion Detection System Based on Domain Ontology
  • A Security Analysis Model Based on Artificial Neural Network
  • Social Network Analyses on Knowledge Diffusion of China’s Management Science
  • A Parallel Association-Rule Mining Algorithm
  • An Algorithm of Parallel Programming Design Based on Problem Domain Model
  • Metadata-Aware Small Files Storage Architecture on Hadoop
  • Research on the Isomorphism of the Electronic-Government and Electronic-Commerce in Support System
  • On the Deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks with Regular Topology Patterns
  • An Empirical Study on the Relationship among Trust and the Risky and Non-Risky Components of E-Commerce
  • Process Modeling and Reengineering in the Integration Stage of Electronic Government
  • Development of Vertical Industrial B2B in China: Based on Cases Study
  • Personalized Recommendation System on Massive Content Processing Using Improved MFNN
  • A Speaker Recognition Based Approach for Identifying Voice Spammer
  • Security Access Authentication System for IPv4/IPv6 Dual-Stack Campus Network Based on IpoE
  • Information Encryption Based on Virtual Optical Imaging System and Chen’s Chaos
  • A New Scheme with Secure Cookie against SSLStrip Attack
  • ID-Based Signatures from Lattices in the Random Oracle Model
  • Strongly Secure Attribute-Based Authenticated Key Exchange with Traceability
  • A New Public Key Signature Scheme Based on Multivariate Polynomials
  • Comments on an Advanced Dynamic ID-Based Authentication Scheme for Cloud Computing
  • Research on Security Management in Active Network Node Operating Systems
  • An Integrity Verification Scheme for Multiple Replicas in Clouds
  • Multi-stage Attack Detection Algorithm Based on Hidden MarkovModel
  • Security Analysis of a Secure and Practical Dynamic Identity-Based Remote User Authentication Scheme
  • Formal Construction of Secure Information Transmission in OfficeAutomation System
  • A Novel CBCD Scheme Based on Local Features Category
  • Research and Improvement on Association Rule Algorithm Based on FP-Growth
  • Encrypted Remote User Authentication Scheme by Using Smart Card
  • A Web Visualization System of Cyberinfrastructure Resources
  • A Novel Clustering Mechanism Based on Image-Oriented Correlation Coefficient for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
  • Design of Underground Miner Positioning System Based on ZigBee Technology
  • Metadata Management of Context Resources in Context-Aware Middleware System
  • Research on Scientific Data Sharing Platform of Hydrology and Water Resources Based on Service Composition
  • Study on the Scheme of Tianjin Area E-commerce Platform Construction
  • Research on Chinese Hydrological Data Quality Management
  • Using IoT Technologies to Resolve the Food Safety Problem – An Analysis Based on Chinese Food Standards
  • Towards Better Cross-Cloud Data Integration: Using P2P and ETL Together
  • Design of Intelligent Maintenance Decision-Making System for Fixed Equipment in Petrochemical Plants
  • Dimensional Modeling for Landslide Monitoring Data Warehouse
  • A New Fuzzy Risk Evaluation Method for Uncertain Network Public Sentiment Emergency
  • Service Lifecycle Management in Distributed JBI Environment
  • Graded BDI Models for Agent Architectures Based on _Lukasiewicz Logic and Propositional Dynamic Logic
  • Energy Model of SARA and Its Performance Analysis
  • Data Profiling for Semantic Web Data
  • Checking and Handling Inconsistency of DBpedia
  • Conceptual Representing of Documents and Query Expansion Based on Ontology
  • Robust Web Data Extraction: A Novel Approach Based on Minimum Cost Script Edit Model
  • Rule-Based Text Mining of Chinese Herbal Medicines with Patterns in Traditional Chinese Medicine for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Fault Forecast of Electronic Equipment Based on ε – SVR
  • Analysis and Design of Internet Monitoring System on Public Opinion Based on Cloud Computing and NLP
  • Using Similes to Extract Basic Sentiments across Languages
  • Automatic Summarization for Chinese Text Using Affinity Propagation Clustering and Latent Semantic Analysis
  • A Webpage Deletion Algorithm Based on Hierarchical Filtering
  • Research in Keyword Extraction
  • Tuple Refinement Method Based on Relationship Keyword Extension
  • An Agent Based Intelligent Meta Search Engine
  • A Novel Image Annotation Feedback Model Based on Internet-Search
  • The Design and Application of an Ancient Porcelain Online Identification Analysis System
  •  Web Crawler in In-Site Search
  • A Novel Shark-Search Algorithm for Theme Crawler
  • A Framework of Online Proxy-Based Web Prefetching
  • Mapping the Intellectual Structure by Co-word: A Case of International Management Science
  • Study on Multi-sensor Information Fusion Technology in the Dynamic Monitoring of Coal Mine Roof
  • Detecting Hot Topics in Chinese Microblog Streams Based on Frequent Patterns Mining
  • KACTL: Knowware Based Automated Construction of a Treelike Library from Web Documents
  • Associating Labels and Elements of Deep Web Query Interface Based on DOM
  • Design and Implementation of the Online Shopping System
  • System Development of Residence Property Management Based on WEB
  • An Intelligent Metadata Extraction Approach Based on Programming by Demonstration
  • OF-NEDL: An OpenFlow Networking Experiment Description Language Based on XML
  • Structural Similarity Evaluation of XML Documents Based on Basic Statistics
  • An XML Data Query Method Based on Structure-Encoded.