Conceptual Modeling [E-Book]: 31st International Conference ER 2012, Florence, Italy, October 15-18, 2012. Proceedings / edited by Paolo Atzeni, David Cheung, Sudha Ram.
Atzeni, Paolo.
Cheung, David. / Ram, Sudha.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : 2012
Imprint: Springer,
XX, 592 p. 206 illus. digital.
Lecture notes in computer science ; 7532
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Table of Contents:
  • Keynotes
  • Mega-modeling for Big Data Analytics
  • Roberto Trasarti
  • Spatial Keyword Querying
  • Of Cubes, DAGs and Hierarchical Correlations:A Novel Conceptual Model for Analyzing Social Media Data
  • Understandability and Cognitive Approaches
  • Understanding Constraint Expressions in Large Conceptual Schemas by Automatic Filtering
  • Understanding Understandability of Conceptual Models–What Are We Actually Talking about?
  • Rules from Cognition for Conceptual Modelling
  • Conceptual Modeling for Datawarehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Using Domain Ontologies as Semantic Dimensions in Data Warehouses
  • Sliced Column-Store(SCS):Ontological Foundations and Practical Implications
  • Schema Decryption for Large Extract-Transform-Load Systems
  • Extraction, Discovery and Clustering
  • Fast Group Recommendations by Applying User Clustering
  • Understanding Tables on the Web
  • Bridging the Gaps towards Advanced Data Discovery over Semi-structured Data
  • Towards Discovering Conceptual Models behind Web Sites
  • Search and Documents
  • A Distance-Based Spelling Suggestion Method for XML Keyword Search
  • Cross-Language Hybrid Keyword and Semantic Search
  • Mapping Semantic Widgets to Web-Based, Domain-Specific Collections
  • Process Modeling I.-Evaluation Measures for Similarity Search Results in Process Model Repositories
  • The MOSKitt4ME Approach:Providing Process Support in a Method Engineering Context
  • Extending Conceptual Data Model for Dynamic Environment
  • Process Modeling II.-Contracts+Goals=Roles?
  • Specialization in i*Strategic Rationale Diagrams
  • Conceptualizing and Specifying Key Performance Indicators in BusinessStrategy Models
  • Data and Process Modeling Data Support in Process Model Abstraction
  • Synthesizing Object Life Cycles from Business Process Models
  • Conceptual Modeling for Systems Integration
  • Ontology Based Approaches Ontology Evolution:Assisting Query Migration
  • Ontology of Dynamic Entities
  • A Supervised Method for Lexical Annotation of Schema Labels Based on Wikipedia
  • Variability and Evolution Optimising Schema Evolution Operation Sequences in Object Databases for Data Evolution
  • Capturing Variability of Law with N`omos 2
  • Deriving Variability Patterns in Software Product Lines by Ontological Considerations
  • Adaptation, Preferences and Query Refinment A Preference-Aware Query Model for Data Web Services
  • User Feedback Based Query Refinement by Exploiting Skyline Operator
  • A NFR-Based Framework for User-Centered Adaptation
  • Queries, Matching and Topic Search Concept-Based Web Search
  • A Linear Algebra Technique for (de)Centralized Processing of SPARQL Queries
  • Non-binary Evaluation for Schema Matching
  • Conceptual Modeling in Action
  • An Integrated Conceptual Model to Incorporate Information Tasks in Workflow Models
  • A Method for the Definition and Treatment of Conceptual Schema Quality Issues
  • EERMM:A Metamodel for the Enhanced Entity-Relationship Model
  • Posters
  • Introducing Usability in a Conceptual Modeling-Based Software Development Process
  • Conceptualizing Data in Multinational Enterprises: Model Design and Application
  • A Metadata-based Approach to Leveraging the Information Supply of Business Intelligence Systems
  • PhD Symposium Full Papers
  • SPIDER-Graph:A Model for Heterogeneous Graphs Extracted from a Relational Database
  • Exploiting Data Dependencies with Null Values for Ontology Extraction
  • Partial Multi-dimensional Schema Merging in Heterogeneous Data Warehouses
  • PhD Symposium Poster Papers
  • Knowlog: A Declarative Language for Reasoning about Knowledge in Distributed Systems
  • A Framework for Populating Ontological Models from Semi-structured Web Documents
  • Data Management in a Modern ITS:Problems and Solutions..