Information and Communications Security [E-Book]: 14th International Conference, ICICS 2012, Hong Kong, China, October 29-31, 2012. Proceedings / edited by Tat Wing Chim, Tsz Hon Yuen.
Chim, Tat Wing.
Yuen, Tsz Hon.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : 2012
Imprint: Springer,
XVI, 506 p. 120 illus. digital.
Lecture notes in computer science ; 7618
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Table of Contents:
  • Audio Steganalysis Based on Lossless Data-Compression Techniques
  • Enhancing the Perceived Visual Quality of a Size Invariant Visual Cryptography Scheme
  • Impact of the Revocation Service in PKI Prices
  • Cryptanalysis of Multi-Prime RSA with Small Prime Difference
  • Implicit Polynomial Recovery and Cryptanalysis of a Combinatorial Key Cryptosystem
  • Improved Related-Key Differential Attacks on Reduced-Round LBlock
  • Countermeasures on Application Level Low-Rate Denial-of-Service Attack
  • Firewall Packet Filtering Optimization Using Statistical Traffic Awareness Test
  • Group Behavior Metrics for P2P Botnet Detection
  • Hardware Performance Optimization and Evaluation of SM3 Hash Algorithm on FPGA
  • Continual Leakage-Resilient Dynamic Secret Sharing in the Split-State Model
  • Conversion of Real-Numbered Privacy-Preserving Problems into the Integer Domain
  • Perfect Ambiguous Optimistic Fair Exchange
  • Privacy-Preserving Noisy Keyword Search in Cloud Computing
  • Forward Secure Attribute-Based Signatures
  • On Constant-Round Precise Zero-Knowledge
  • Outsourcing Encryption of Attribute-Based Encryption with MapReduce
  • Security Enhancement of Identity-Based Identification with Reversibility
  • Coopetitive Architecture to Support a Dynamic and Scalable NFC Based Mobile Services Architecture
  • Permission-Based Abnormal Application Detection for Android
  • Symbian Smartphone Forensics and Security: Recovery of Privacy-Protected Deleted Data
  • Detecting Encryption Functions via Process Emulation and IL-Based Program Analysis
  • Taint Analysis of Security Code in the KLEE Symbolic Execution Engine
  • A Generic Approach for Providing Revocation Support in Secret Handshake
  • An Efficient Single-Slow-Phase Mutually Authenticated RFID Distance Bounding Protocol with Tag Privacy
  • Exploring Mobile Proxies for Better Password Authentication
  •  On Security of Universal Hash Function Based Multiple Authentication
  • A New Variant of Time Memory Trade-Off on the Improvement of Thing and Ying’s Attack
  • Applying Time-Memory-Data Trade-Off to Plaintext Recovery Attack
  • Comparison between Side-Channel Analysis Distinguishers
  • Acceleration of Composite Order Bilinear Pairing on Graphics Hardware
  • Evaluating the Effect of Tolerance on Click-Draw Based Graphical Password Scheme
  • Robust Evidence Detection of Copy-Rotate-Move Forgery in Image Based on Singular Value Decomposition
  • Cookie-Proxy: A Scheme to Prevent SSLStrip Attack
  • Detecting and Preventing ActiveX API-Misuse Vulnerabilities inInternet Explorer
  • Endpoint Mitigation of DDoS Attacks Based on Dynamic Thresholding
  • Parameter Pollution Vulnerabilities Detection Study Based on Tree Edit Distance
  • A Privacy-Preserving Path-Checking Solution for RFID-Based Supply Chains
  • Efficient Attribute Proofs in Anonymous Credential Using Attribute-Based Cryptography
  • F5P5: Keyword Search over Encrypted Data with Five Functions and Five Privacy Assurances
  • Location Privacy Policy Management System
  • Privacy Protection in Social Networks Using l-Diversity
  • Selling Power Back to the Grid in a Secure and Privacy-Preserving Manner
  • A Key Sharing Fuzzy Vault Scheme
  • A New Version of McEliece PKC Based on Convolutional Codes
  • Flexible Attribute-Based Encryption
  • Non-interactive Dynamic Identity-Based Broadcast Encryption without Random Oracles
  • A Comparative Study of Malware Family Classification
  • A Fine-Grained Classification Approach for the Packed Malicious Code..