Advances in Computer Entertainment [E-Book]: 9th International Conference, ACE 2012, Kathmandu, Nepal, November 3-5, 2012. Proceedings / edited by Anton Nijholt, Teresa Romão, Dennis Reidsma.
Nijholt, Anton.
Reidsma, Dennis. / Romão, Teresa.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : 2012
Imprint: Springer,
XXIV, 599 p. 337 illus. digital.
Lecture notes in computer science ; 7624
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Table of Contents:
  • Applaud Having Fun: A Mobile Game to Cheer your Favourite Sports Team
  • Paranga: An Interactive Flipbook
  • Augmentation of Toothbrush by Modulating Sounds Resulting from Brushing
  • Bathcratch: Touch and Sound-Based DJ Controller Implemented on a Bathtub
  • Airstic Drum: a Drumstick for Integration of Real and Virtual Drums
  • Enhancing level di_culty and additional content in platformvideogames through graph analysis
  • A System for Supporting Performers in Stu_ed Suits
  • Socially Present Board Game Opponents
  • Localizing Global Game Jam: Designing Game Development forCollaborative Learning in the Social Context Producing while Consuming: Social Interaction around Photos shared within Private Groups
  • Extensible Sound Description in COLLADA: A Unique File for a Rich Sound Design
  • An Automatic Race Track Generating System
  • Light Perfume: Designing a Wearable Lighting and Olfactory Accessory for Empathic Interactions
  • A Survey of Players Opinions on Interface Customization in World of Warcraft
  • 53.090 virtual rusks = 510 real smiles - Using a fun exergame installation for advertising traditional food products
  • Designing Playful Interactive Installations for Urban Environments The SwingScape Experience
  • Flashback in Interactive Storytelling
  • SanjigenJiten : Computer Assisted Language Learning System within a3D Game Environment
  • A caption presentation system for the hearing impaired people attending theatrical performances
  • Emergent Gait Evolution of Quadruped Arti_cial Life
  • Enjoying Text Input with Image-enabled IME
  • Train Window of Container: Visual and Auditory Representation of Train Movement
  • Pinch: An Interface that Relates Applications on Multiple Touch-Screen Devices by Pinching Gesture
  • Exploring Playability of Social Network Games
  • A Gesture Interface Game for Energy Consumption Awareness
  • UBI, The Guardian Dragon: Your VirtualSidekick
  • Construction of a Prototyping Support System for Painted Musical Instruments
  • Reex-based Navigation by Inducing Self-motion Perception with Head-Mounted Vection Display
  • POPAPY: Instant Paper Craft Made Up in a Microwave Oven
  • Games Bridging CulturalCommunications
  • Existential Waters: On Employing a Game Engine for Artistic Expression within a Theater Play, and on the Implications of this towards Existential Games
  • Reframing Haute Couture Handcraftship: How to Preserve Artisans' Abilities with Gesture Recognition
  • PURE FLOW: Gallery Installation and Mobile Application
  • Juke Cylinder: Sound Image Augmentation to Metamorphose Hands into a Musical Instrument Puppet Theater System for Normal-Hearing and Hearing-Impaired People
  • Creative Design Workshop: Exploring Value Propositions with UrbanNepalese Children
  • DriveRS: An In-Car Persuasive System for Making Driving Safe and Fun
  • When Away Applaud Anyway
  • Making a toy educative using electronics
  • Enhancing tactile imagination through sound and light
  • Streaming DirectX-Based Games on Windows.-Autonomously Acquiring a Video Game Agents Behavior: Letting Players Feel Like Playing with a Human Player
  • Chop Chop - A Sound Augmented Kitchen Prototype
  • Time Telescopic Replay of Tactile Sensations
  • Compact Ultrasound Device for Noncontact Interaction
  • A Novel Approach for Constructing Emulator for Microsoft Kinect XBOX 360 Sensor in the .NET Platform
  • Tap Till Tired Farm
  • Pillow Fight 2.0: A Creative Use of Technology for Physical Interaction
  • Immobile Haptic Interface Using Tendon Electrical Stimulation
  • STRAVIGATION: a vibrotactile mobile navigation for exploration-like-sightseeing
  • Earth Girl: A Multi-Cultural Game about Natural Disaster Prevention and Resilience
  • PowerFood: Turns Fruit Eating into Fun and Makes Snacks Not Done
  • City Pulse: Supporting Going-Out Activities with a Context-Aware Urban Display
  • Physiological Signals Based Fatigue Prediction Model for Motion Sensing Games JECCO: A Creature-Like Tentacle Robot
  • Yusabutter: A messaging tool that generates animated texts
  • HomeTree an Art Inspired Mobile Eco-feedback Visualization
  • Augmenting Trading Card Game: Playing against Virtual Charactersused in Fictional Stories
  • Changing Environmental Behaviors through Smartphone-based Augmented Experiences
  • ona: Development of an interface that implements lifelike behaviors to a plant
  • HOJI*HOJI: The hole-type interactive device for entertainment
  • t-words: playing with sounds and creating narratives
  • Semi-Transparent Augmented Reality System
  • Awareness Support for Remote Music Performance
  • GENIE: Photo-based Interface For Many Heterogeneous LED Lamps
  • Disaster Experience Game in a Real World
  • Entertainment Displays Which Restore Negative Images of Shopping Center
  • Where Buddhism Encounters Entertainment Computing
  • IUstream: Personal Live Streaming Support System with Automatic Collection and Real-time Recommendation of Topics..