Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science [E-Book]: 38th International Workshop, WG 2012, Jerusalem, Israel, June 26-28, 2012, Revised Selcted Papers / edited by Martin Charles Golumbic, Michal Stern, Avivit Levy, Gila Morgenstern.
Golumbic, Martin Charles.
Levy, Avivit. / Morgenstern, Gila. / Stern, Michal.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : 2012
Imprint: Springer,
XIV, 346 p. 45 illus. digital.
Lecture notes in computer science ; 7551
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Table of Contents:
  • Account on Intervals
  • Constructing Resilient Structures in Graphs: Rigid vs. Competitive Fault-Tolerance
  • Alternating Reachabillity and Integer Sum of Closed Alternating Trails: The 3rd Annual Uri N. Peled Memorial Lecture
  • Triangulation and Clique Separator Decomposition of Claw-Free Graphs
  • Minimum Weighted Clique Cover on Strip-Composed Perfect Graphs
  • Graph Isomorphism for Graph Classes Characterized by Two Forbidden Induced Subgraphs
  • h-Quasi Planar Drawings of Bounded Treewidth Graphs in Linear Area
  • The Duals of Upward Planar Graphs on Cylinders
  • On the Minimum Degree Up to Local Complementation: Bounds and Complexity
  • Bisections above Tight Lower Bounds
  • Multi-rooted Greedy Approximation of Directed Steiner Trees with Applications
  • Hydras: Directed Hypergraphs and Horn Formulas
  • Bend-Bounded Path Intersection Graphs: Sausages, Noodles, and Waffles on a Grill
  • Maximum Induced Multicliques and Complete Multipartite Subgraphs in Polygon-Circle Graphs and Circle Graphs
  • Parameterized Domination in Circle Graphs
  • On the Parameterized Complexity of Finding Separators with Non-hereditary Properties..