Isolated Central Nervous System Circuits [E-Book]/ edited by Klaus Ballanyi.
Ballanyi, Klaus.
Totowa, NJ : Humana Press, 2012
XV, 468 p. 125 illus., 52 illus. in color. digital.
Neuromethods ; 73
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Table of Contents:
  • Autonomic Nervous System In Vitro: Studying Tonically Active Neurons Controlling Vagal Outflow in Rodent Brainstem Slices
  • Anatomically ‘Calibrated’ Isolated Respiratory Networks from Newborn Rodents
  • Physiological Properties of Human Fetal Cortex In Vitro
  • Histological Characterization of Physiologically Determined Fast-Spiking Interneurons in Slices of Primate Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex
  • Neural Circuits Underlying Circadian Oscillations in Mammals: Clocks in a Dish
  • Osmoregulatory Circuits in Slices and En Bloc Preparations of Rodent Hypothalamus
  • Establishing In Vivo-Like Activity in Rat Cerebellar Cells Maintained In Vitro
  • Spontaneous Rhythmic Activity in the Adult Cerebral Cortex In Vitro
  • Living Human Brain Slices: Network Analysis Using Voltage Sensitive Dyes
  • Intact In Vitro Preparations of the Neonatal Rodent Cortex: Analysis of Cellular Properties and Network Activity
  • Spontaneous Neural Network Oscillations in Hippocampus, Cortex, and Locus Coeruleus of Newborn Rat and Piglet Brain Slices
  • Neuronal Networks in the In Vitro Isolated Guinea Pig Brain
  • The Study of Respiratory Chemoreflexes Using a Novel Dual-Perfused Rodent Preparation
  • Defined Medium Organotypic Cultures of Spinal Cord Put ‘Pain in a Dish’
  • Rodent Isolated Spinal Cord Preparations to Examine Motor Output..