The Outreach of Digital Libraries: A Globalized Resource Network [E-Book] : 14th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries, ICADL 2012, Taipei, Taiwan, November 12-15, 2012, Proceedings / edited by Hsin-Hsi Chen, Gobinda Chowdhury.
Chen, Hsin-Hsi.
Chowdhury, Gobinda.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : 2012
Imprint: Springer,
XXII, 372 p. 129 illus. digital.
Lecture notes in computer science ; 7634
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Table of Contents:
  • Cultural Heritage Preservation
  • Uncovering the Secrets of Daoism Fus Using Digital Dao-Fa Hui-Yuan
  • Automatic Perspective Correction of Manuscript Images
  • An Ontology-Based Fuzzy Matching Approach to Semantic Retrieval of Historical Place Names
  • Retrieval and Browsing in Digital Library Exploiting Semantics in Subject-Based Searching of DSpace
  • Constraint Can Affect Human Perception, Behaviour, and Performance of Search.-Bonolo: A General Digital Library System for File-Based Collections.-Bibliometrics
  • The Ratio of Conference Papers in Citations of Engineering Dissertations at Kyushu University
  • Presenting and Exploring the Complexity of Bibliographic Relationships
  • Use Patterns of Aerospace E-Indexing, Abstracting and Citation Services: A Research Study of Aerospace Scientists and Engineers of Bangalore
  • A Trend Analysis of Domain-Specific Literatures with Content and Co-author Network Similarity
  • Metadata and Cataloguing Improving Supervised Keyphrase Indexer Classification of Keyphrases with Text Denoising
  • A Metadata-Centric Approach to a Production and Browsing Platform of Manga
  • Crowdsourcing Metadata Schema Generation for Chinese-Style Costume Digital Library
  • Mobile and Cloud Computing Social Interaction Patterns during Mobile Information Seeking
  • A Scalable, Adaptive, Self-management and Fault-Tolerant Architecture for Digital Library
  • Enjoyment of a Mobile Information Sharing Game: Perspectives from Needs Satisfaction and Information Quality
  • Human Factors in Digital Library Needs of Collaborative Digital Library for Secondary School Students in Thailand
  • Evaluating Large Image Support for DSpace
  • User Navigation for Online Video Leisure: An Exploratory Study
  • User Verification of the FRBR Conceptual Model and Testing of FRBR Prototypes
  • Utilizing Resources At-Hand: Fitting Diverse Content from Diverse Content Providers into a Common System
  • Preservation Systems and Algorithms
  • Evaluating Emulation and Migration: Birds of a Feather?
  • Design and Architecture of a Novel Preservation Watch System
  • A Formal Approach to the Modelling of Digital Archives
  • Social Media Sentiment Classification of Drug Reviews Using a Rule- Based Linguistic Approach
  • Temporal Social Tagging Based Collaborative Filtering Recommender for Digital Library
  • Comparative Evaluation of Community Question Answering Websites
  • Digital Library Algorithms and Systems Parallel Processing Videos in Very Large Digital Libraries
  • Error Detection of CRF-Based Bibliography Extraction from Reference Strings
  • Palanteer: A Search Engine for Community Generated Microblogging Data
  • Recommendation Applications Figuring Out If Children Actually Read Digital Picture Books and Which Ones Should Be Collected
  • A Library Recommender System Using Interest Change over Time and Matrix Clustering
  • Book Recommendation Based on Book-Loan Logs
  • Digital Library Construction Motivating Users to Build Heritage Collections Using Games on Social Networks
  • Evaluating Simple Repository Deposit for Open Educational Resources
  • A Digital Library Built Around the Information-Content Model Duality
  • Retrieval and Browsing in Digital Library Iterative Machine-Learning Chinese Term Extraction
  • Word Segmentation for Text in Japanese Ancient Writings Based on Probability of Character N-Grams
  • Relevant Term Suggestion Based on Pseudo Relevance Feedback from Web Contexts
  • QRpac: User-Driven Archiving of Parallel and Comparable Documents from the Web
  • Social Network Linked OpenScholar: A Researcher Network Using Linked Open Data
  • Blog Site Profiling through Influence Style Detection.-Semantically Enriched User Interest Profile Built from Users’ Tweets
  • Influences of Social Tags for Academic Papers: Analyzing the Behavior of Novice Users over Time
  • Posters
  • Towards an Integrated Design of Digital Library and Virtual Museum in the Heritage Preservation of the Chinese “Qipao”
  • Implementation of Open Scholar Platform and Integration of Open Resources in National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)
  • Main Trends in Digital Library Research (1990-2010): Analyzing the Past and Predicting the Future
  • Exploring Search Tactic Patterns in Searching Digital Libraries
  • Integration of Digital Archives, GIS, Mash-Up, and Social Media in Educational Activity: A Case Study of U Theatre
  • Path-Connectivity for Mobile Digital Library Service in Hybrid Ad-Hoc Network
  • A Seamless Mobile Digital Library Service in WLAN
  • PuntStore: A Non-relational Database Based Architecture of Data Management in Digital Library
  • Mapping 12 Years of Communication Scholarship: Themes and Concepts in the Journal of Communication
  • A Note-Taking Data Sharing System for Improving Student’s Performance
  • Using Digital and Traditional Libraries in Developing Countries
  • Iterative Feature Selection of Translation Texts for Translator Identification
  • Calligraphy Stroke Extraction in CADAL.