Certified Programs and Proofs [E-Book] : Second International Conference, CPP 2012, Kyoto, Japan, December 13-15, 2012. Proceedings / edited by Chris Hawblitzel, Dale Miller.
Hawblitzel, Chris.
Miller, Dale.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : 2012
Imprint: Springer,
X, 305 p. 64 illus. digital.
Lecture notes in computer science ; 7679
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Table of Contents:
  • Scalable Formal Machine Models
  • Mechanized Semantics for Compiler Verification
  • Automation in Computer-Aided Cryptography: Proofs, Attacks and Designs
  • Program Certification by Higher-Order Model Checking
  • A Formally-Verified Alias Analysis
  • Mechanized Verification of Computing Dominators for Formalizing Compilers
  • On the Correctness of an Optimising Assembler for the Intel MCS-51 Microprocessor
  • An Executable Semantics for CompCert C
  • Producing Certified Functional Code from Inductive Specifications
  • The New Quickcheck for Isabelle: Random, Exhaustive and Symbolic Testing under One Roof
  • Proving Concurrent Noninterference
  • Noninterference for Operating System Kernels
  • Compositional Verification of a Baby Virtual Memory Manager
  • Shall We Juggle, Coinductively?
  • Proof Pearl: Abella Formalization of λ-Calculus Cube Property
  • A String of Pearls: Proofs of Fermat’s Little Theorem
  • Compact Proof Certificates for Linear Logic
  • Constructive Completeness for Modal Logic with Transitive Closure
  • Rating Disambiguation Errors
  • A Formal Proof of Square Root and Division Elimination in Embedded Programs
  • Coherent and Strongly Discrete Rings in Type Theory
  • Improving Real Analysis in Coq: A User-Friendly Approach to Integrals and Derivatives.