Information Security Applications [E-Book] : 13th International Workshop, WISA 2012, Jeju Island, Korea, August 16-18, 2012, Revised Selected Papers / edited by Dong Hoon Lee, Moti Yung.
Lee, Dong Hoon.
Yung, Moti.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : 2012
Imprint: Springer,
XII, 371 p. 135 illus. digital.
Lecture notes in computer science ; 7690
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Table of Contents:
  • Security on LBlock against Biclique Cryptanalysis
  • Improved Impossible Differential Attacks on Reduced-Round MISTY1.- Efficient Parallel Evaluation of Multivariate Quadratic Polynomials on GPUs.- Enumeration of Even-Variable Boolean Functions with Maximum Algebraic Immunity.- Multi-precision Multiplication for Public-Key Cryptography on Embedded Microprocessors.- Three Phase Dynamic Current Mode Logic: A More Secure DyCML to Achieve a More Balanced Power Consumption.- Improved Differential Fault Analysis on Block Cipher ARIA.- Multi-Level Controlled Signature.- Tate Pairing Computation on Generalized Hessian Curves
  • Reduction-Centric Non-programmable Security Proof for the Full Domain Hash in the Random Oracle Model.- An Authentication and Key Management Scheme for the Proxy Mobile IPv6.- Payment Approval for PayWord
  • Anonymity-Based Authenticated Key Agreement with Full Binding Property.- A Study for Classification of Web Browser Log and Timeline Visualization.- Intellectual Property Protection for Integrated Systems Using Soft Physical Hash Functions.- N-Victims: An Approach to Determine N-Victims for APT Investigations.- An Efficient Filtering Method for Detecting Malicous Web Pages.- Lightweight Client-Side Methods for Detecting Email Forgery.- AIGG Threshold Based HTTP GET Flooding Attack Detection.- Implementation of GESNIC for Web Server Protection against HTTP GET Flooding Attacks.- Privacy-Aware VANET Security: Putting Data-Centric Misbehavior and Sybil Attack Detection Schemes into Practice.- On Trigger Detection against Reactive Jamming Attacks: A Localized Solution.- Efficient Self-organized Trust Management in Location Privacy Enhanced VANETs.- A Trust Management Model for QoS-Based Service Selection.- Multilevel Secure Database on Security Enhanced Linux for System High Distributed Systems.