Elektronenmikroskopie : erweiterte Einsatzmöglichkeiten durch neue Entwicklungen und spezielle Abbildungs- und Präparationsmethoden / Fritz Grasenick ...

Electron microscopy: advanced application possibilities through new developments and specific imaging and preparation methods.

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Grasenick, Fritz.
Ehningen bei Böblingen : Expert, 1991.
303 S.
Based on a course of instruction of the Technische Akademie Esslingen
Kontakt und Studium ; 112.
electron microscopical methods in microanalysis: example trace detection in purity measurement of water
preparation and microscopy of frozen technological and biological specimens in scanning electron microscopy
in situ hardness measurement in the scanning electron microscope
low temperature electron microscopy at 4 K
principle and use of a neutral particle source for high resolution electron microscopy (HREM) of temperature sensible specimens
cryovacuum technique in electron microscopy
electron microscopy with television image amplifiers
cathodoluminescence scanning electron microscopy in materials science
application of high resolution electron microscopy (HREM) in metal physics
cryofracture autoradiography for detection of water suluble substances
topographic resolution in scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
imaging and analytical electron microscopy at high voltages (HVEM)
special preparation techniques for electron microscopical studies on polymers
high resolution imaging of thick biological specimens using an imaging electron energy loss spectrometer (EELS)
examples for the application of x-ray shadow microscopy

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