Position location techniques and applications [E-Book] / David Munoz ... [et al.].
Munoz, David,
Amsterdam ; Boston : Academic Press, c2009
1 online resource (xv, 275 p.) : ill.
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This book is the definitive guide to the techniques and applications of position location, covering both terrestrial and satellite systems. It gives all the techniques, theoretical models and algorithms that an engineer needs to improve their current location schemes and to develop future location algorithms and systems. Comprehensive coverage is given to system design trade-offs, complexity issues, and the design of efficient positioning algorithms, enabling the creation of high-performance location positioning systems. Traditional methods are also re-examined in the context of the challenges posed by reconfigurable and multi-hop networks. Applications discussed include wireless networks (WiFi, ZigBee, UMTS and DVB networks), cognitive radio and sensor and multi-hop networks. . Contains a complete guide to models, techniques and applications of position location . Includes applications to wireless networks (WiFi, ZigBee, DVB networks), cognitive radio, sensor networks and reconfigurable and multi-hop networks, demonstrating the relevance of location positioning to these 'hot' areas in research and development . Covers system design trade-offs, and the design of efficient positioning algorithms enables the creation of future location positioning systems . Provides a theoretical underpinning for understanding current position location algorithms, giving researchers a foundation to develop future algorithms.