Biometric Recognition [E-Book] : 7th Chinese Conference, CCBR 2012, Guangzhou, China, December 4-5, 2012. Proceedings / edited by Wei-Shi Zheng, Zhenan Sun, Yunhong Wang, Xilin Chen, Pong C. Yuen, Jianhuang Lai.
Chen, Xilin.
Lai, Jianhuang. / Sun, Zhenan. / Wang, Yunhong. / Yuen, Pong C. / Zheng, Wei-Shi.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2012
XII, 390 p. 184 illus. digital.
Lecture notes in computer science ; 7701
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Table of Contents:
  • Patch-Based Bag of Features for Face Recognition in Videos
  • Fusion of Local Features for Face Recognition by Multiple Least Square Solutions
  • Complete Gradient Face: A Novel Illumination Invariant Descriptor
  • A Face Authentication Scheme Based on Affine-SIFT(ASIFT) and Structural Similarity (SSIM)
  • A Study on the Effective Approach to Illumination-Invariant Face Recognition Based on a Single Image
  • Weighted Group Sparse Representation Based on Robust Regression for Face Recognition
  • 3D Face Pose Estimation Based on Multi-template AAM
  • 3D Aided Face Recognition across Pose Variations
  • Comparing Studies of Learning Methods for Human Face Gender Recognition
  • Fusion of mSSIM and SVM for Reduced-Reference Facial Image Quality Assessment
  • A Survey of Face Hallucination
  • Active Shape Model Based on Sparse Representation
  • On the Influence of Fingerprint Area in Partial Fingerprint Recognition
  • Fingerprint Identification Based on Semi-supervised FSS
  • A Performance Improvement Method for Existing Fingerprint Systems
  • The Location Method of the Main Hand-Shape Feature Points
  • Palmprint Feature Extraction Based on Improved Gabor Wavelet Combing LBP Operator
  • The Research of Multi-spectral Hand Texture Fusion Method under a Non-constraint Condition
  • Rotation Invariant Finger Vein Recognition
  • Hand Dorsal Vein Recognition Based on Hierarchically Structured Texture and Geometry Features
  • Hand Vein Recognition Based on Feature Coding
  • Contact-Less Palm Vein Recognition Based on Wavelet Decomposition and Partial Least Square
  • Iris Image Deblurring Based on Refinement of Point Spread Function
  • Super Resolution Reconstruction and Recognition for Iris Image Sequence
  • Fusion of Iris and Periocular Biometrics for Cross-Sensor Identification
  • A Review of Advances in Iris Image Acquisition System
  • 3D Pure Ear Extraction and Recognition
  • Multimodal Ear Recognition Based on 2D+3D Feature Fusion
  • Toward Emotional Speaker Recognition: Framework and Preliminary Results
  • Orthogonal Subspace Combination Based on the Joint Factor Analysis for Text-Independent Speaker Recognition
  • Exploration of Phase and Vocal Excitation Modulation Features for Speaker Recognition
  • Cross-View Action Recognition Based on Statistical Machine Translation
  • A Comparative Study of Several Feature Extraction Methods for Person Re-identification
  • Improving Biometric Verification Systems by Fusing Z-norm and F-norm
  • Biometric Identification System’s Performance Enhancement by Improving Registration Progress
  • Ethnicity Classification Based on a Hierarchical Fusion
  • An Algorithm for Retina Features Extraction Based on Position of the Blood Vessel Bifurcation
  • Recognition of Petechia Tongue Based on LoG and Gabor Feature with Spatial Information
  • Human Age Estimation Using Ranking SVM
  • Distance Entropy as an Information Measure for Binary Biometric Representation
  • Kernel Sparse Locality Preserving Canonical Correlation Analysis for Multi-modal Feature Extraction
  • Kernel Based Enhanced Maximum Margin Criterion for Feature Extraction
  • A Novel Variance Minimization Segmentation Model
  • Robust Integrated Locally Linear Embedding
  • Estimating the Total Variability Space Using Sparse Probabilistic Principal Component Analysis
  • A Competitive Model for Semi-supervised Discriminant Analysis.