Active Media Technology [E-Book] : 8th International Conference, AMT 2012, Macau, China, December 4-7, 2012. Proceedings / edited by Runhe Huang, Ali A. Ghorbani, Gabriella Pasi, Takahira Yamaguchi, Neil Y. Yen, Beijing Jin.
Ghorbani, Ali A.
Huang, Runhe. / Jin, Beijing. / Pasi, Gabriella. / Yamaguchi, Takahira. / Yen, Neil Y.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2012
XVI, 671 p. 255 illus. digital.
Lecture notes in computer science
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Table of Contents:
  • Active Media Data Mining and Machine Learning Techniques
  • Movie Genre Classification Using SVM with Audio and Video Features
  • Automatic Player Behavior Analyses from Baseball Broadcast Videos
  • Hot Topic Detection in News Blogs from the Perspective of W2T
  • A Clustering Ensemble Based on a Modified Normalized Mutual Information Metric
  • Influence of Erroneous Pairwise Constraints in Semi-supervised Clustering
  • User Correlation Discovery and Dynamical Profiling Based on Social Streams
  • Extraction of Human Social Behavior from Mobile Phone Sensing
  • Continuity of Defuzzification on L2 Space for Optimization of Fuzzy Control
  • A On-Line News Documents Clustering Method
  • Agent-Based Applications and Multi-agent Systems Distributed Protocols for Multi-Agent Coalition Formation: A Negotiation Perspective
  • Multi-agent Liquidity Risk Management in an Interbank Net Settlement System
  • An Enhanced Mechanism for Agent Capability Reuse
  • A Bayesian Network Approach to Investigating User-Robot Personality Matching
  • Modelling Multi-Criteria Decision Making Ability of Agents in Agent-Based Rice Pest Risk Assessment Model
  • Agent Based Assistance for Electric Vehicles – An Evaluation
  • Ubiquitous Intelligent Devices and Systems
  • Event Calculus-Based Adaptive Services Composition Policy for AmI Systems
  • QoS- and Resource-Aware Service Composition and Adaptation
  • An Event-Driven Energy Efficient Framework for Wearable Health-Monitoring System
  • Learning Style Model for e-Learning Systems
  • A Trajectory-Based Recommender System for Tourism
  • An Adaptive Method for the Tag-Rating-Based Recommender System
  • Comparative Study of Joint Decision-Making on Two Visual Cognition Systems Using Combinatorial Fusion
  • Active Media Based Information Retrieval and Processing
  • Research on Touch as a Means of Interaction in Digital Art
  • Perceptual Image Hashing with Histogram of Color Vector Angles
  • Data Hiding Method Based on Local Image Features
  • Fast Flow Visualization on CUDA Based on Texture Optimization
  • A Message Passing Graph Match Algorithm Based on a Generative Graphical Model
  • Fast Content-Based Retrieval from Online Photo Sharing Sites
  • Interactive Exploration of Image Collections on Mobile Devices
  • The Derived Kernel Based Recognition Method of Vehicle Type
  • An Approach to Define Flexible Structural Constraints in XQuery
  • DC Stream Based JPEG Compressed Domain Image Retrieval
  • Semantic Computing for ActiveMedia, Social Networks, and AMT-Based Systems A Comparative Study of Community Structure Based Node Scores for Network Immunization
  • Semantic Precision and Recall for Evaluating Incoherent Ontology Mappings
  • A Self-organization Method for Reorganizing Resources in a Distributed Network
  • Extracting Property Semantics from Japanese Wikipedia
  • An Ontology Based Privacy Protection Model for Third-Party Platform
  • Evaluating Ontology-Based User Profiles
  • Semantic Information with Type Theory of Acyclic Recursion
  • Pyxis: An Active Replication Approach for Enhancing Social Media Services
  • Social Network Analysis of Virtual Worlds
  • Active Media Framework for Network Processing Components
  • Semantic Network Monitoring and Control over Heterogeneous Network Models and Protocols
  • International Workshop on Meta-synthesis and Complex Systems
  • Opinion Dynamics on Triad Scale Free Network
  • Distribution of Node Characteristics in Complex Networks of Tree Class
  • Dynamic Mergers Drive Industrial Competition Evolution: A Network Analysis Perspective
  • A Study of Collective Action Threshold Model Based on Utility and Psychological Theories
  • Recognition of Online Opinion Leaders Based on Social Network Analysis
  • Critical Infrastructure Management for Telecommunication Networks
  • Developing Self-Organizing Systems by Policy-Based Self-Organizing Multi-Agent Systems
  • On Prioritized 2-tuple Ordered Weighted Averaging Operators
  • Special Session on Social Knowledge Discovery and Management
  • A Novel Collaboration Partner Model Based on the Personal Relationships of SNS
  • An Innovative Way for Mining Clinical and Administrative Healthcare Data
  • An Adaptive Recommendation System for Museum Navigation
  • Adaptive SVM-Based Classification Systems Based on the Improved Endocrine-Based PSO Algorithm
  • A Probability Model for Recognition of Dynamic Gesture Based on a Finger-Worn Device
  • Design of a Situation-Aware System for Abnormal Activity Detection of Elderly People
  • Special Session on Human-Computer Interaction and Knowledge Discovery from Big Data
  • Revealing Cultural Influences in Human Computer Interaction by Analyzing Big Data in Interactions
  • Predicting Student Exam’s Scores by Analyzing Social Network Data
  • SPTrack: Visual Analysis of Information Flows within SELinux Policies and Attack Logs
  • Using Mixed Node Publication Network Graphs for Analyzing Success in Interdisciplinary Teams
  • On Text Preprocessing for Opinion Mining Outside of Laboratory Environments
  • Human Involvement in Designing an Information Quality Assessment Technique - Demonstrated in a Healthcare Setting
  • On Applying Approximate Entropy to ECG Signals for Knowledge Discovery on the Example of Big Sensor Data
  • Towards a Framework Based on Single Trial Connectivity for Enhancing Knowledge Discovery in BCI.